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Technique Risk is able to tailor a range of solutions to suit your exact needs. Whether focussing on technology based solutions, or more centred around the disciplines of risk management, consulting services are undertaken giving due consideration to all relevant legislation and standards, and equally important, the end user’s perspective and expectations.

There is no financial or organisational link between Technique Risk and security industry service providers or suppliers. This means the advice given is truly independent. Our consultants have held senior security management positions in a range of organisations – they have been clients themselves and so appreciate the fiscal realities of the market.

Project Delivery Model

Whether related to a technology or risk based assignment, our methodology for project delivery maintains focus on the objectives and agreed outcomes.

This approach includes a consultative, communicative and methodical process that:

  • Defines a precise assignment scope of action, detailing objectives, timeframes and ownership of the various tasks.
  • Provides periodic review of the project deliverables and client expectations.
  • Provides the client with control and total visibility of the assignments processes and progress.
  • Includes opportunity to measure the outcomes against initial client expectations.
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